Articles on climate change and psychology

Breakfast Talk with Pat & George

Excerpt from Culture Crisis chapter in Depth Psychology and Climate Change: the Green Book


Tipping Points and the Pre-sense of the Future

How can we face into the tragedy of our predicament and sense unthought possibilities?


Defiant Earth Reviews

A fascinating, deep and powerful book written by an author who has been pondering the fate of our planet for over two decades →

Cultural Repair

Exploring how to work with unconscious processes outside of the consulting room →

Denial review

Review of the Film Denial (Feb 2017) →

Hungry ghosts

Psychotherapy, control and winds of homecoming (Self & Society 2014) →

Radical hope

Article on Jonathon Lear's catastrophe ethics (The Psychotherapist 2016) →

Wellbeing of misfortune

Exploring what happens psychologically if we were to accept a climate catastrophe→