Supervision with soul, emergent space and psychotherapy

Supervision with soul +

Supervision can be a playful space for creative reflection. Despite or maybe because of the potential heaviness of responsibility in a troubled time, I anticipate a lively exchange that can open different contexts for therapeutic work – especially that of the ecosystemic and the harbingers of cultural rupture the clients bring through dreams and distress. This style of supervision will help therapists become aware of what emerges through the relationship and how to stay with the troubles the client brings. Drawing on principle of synchronicity to deepen the work of parallel process, we will explore archetypal and collective influences. More of a subterranean vision than a super-vision perhaps?

Important notions in this style of supervision include:

Supervision can be of group work, couple work and on the therapeutic couple. I am a UKCP accredited supervisor working for over 40 years.

Emergent Space +

"Experience shows that synchronistic connections will emerge between group members and make for a very creative conversation."

What is troubling us and what concerns us deeply often falls outside the purely professional setting. It is not a need for therapy, coaching or supervision. It is often too subtle or difficult to discuss with friends. In fact words seldom seem sufficient to do justice to the complex experience.

What makes Emergent Space different than coaching & supervision?

Emergent Space groups face into the absence of a task and stay with what emerges within the group. Participants learn to use themselves as catalysts of self-organising forces inherent in the group. The catalytic approach to transformation is minimalistic and background. It requires inhibiting imperatives to create change and learning to hold the emergent space without trying to make anything happen. Participants may ask:

What is the relevance?

The place of discomfort in creative inquiry

Negative capability - not another goal to aim at, but a process skill. What is different in us is not itself dark but hidden because it is so close to us. Can I risk both staying with the trouble and exposing what I long for?

Sensing the Field sensing us

What emerges through our group interaction is not a product but a creative process - the mysterious paradox of shaping while we are being shaped by a knowing field. Showing my needs reveals what is unique and surprising.

Strange attractors

Rather than focusing on conscious direction, attractors create a resonate field to align possibilities into a coherent pattern. On the human level they work through ‘attracting’ our desire and heart energy. We feel drawn by something and find ourselves moving in that direction, often even before we consciously understand what is involved. When our hearts are touched, something deep within us responds whether this is through love, creative ventures or a call of the soul.

To join an Emergent Space group contact:
Saying what you want from the group and your availability daytime.

I do offer individual psychotherapy for those feeling distressed by what is happening on our planet and our human responsibility for that. For further information see articles e.g. on Cultural Repair

I set up a training for 'Couples in Search of Soul' at ReVision nearly 30 years ago. Key ideas are that relational struggles are often a call to renewal and that the 'relationship' is the client rather than the individuals. I continue to support couples in finding the 'We' that is not defined by either of them.