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CLIMATE CAFE, Hampstead Village

Are you concerned about the climate crisis?
Do you feel anxious, hopeless, in panic or 
Do you want the support of a safe-enough group to share?

Then come to the Climate Cafe at
The Hampstead Community Centre, London NW3
22 February & 28 March 2019 10-12.30

A central aim of this climate café is to give permission for conversations that are difficult to have among friends, family and colleagues. We will create an open confidential space for these difficult conversations that concern our feelings about the climate crisis; for example feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, panic and frustration.

The climate cafe starts with a welcome and space to share concerns after which there will be a short break for refreshments followed by storytime. The aim of storytime is to leaven the possible heaviness of these conversations with the creative power of imagination.  We will bring a short story each time as a catalyst for thinking and feeling about our climate crisis.

Convened by members of the Climate Psychology Alliance (
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Past workshops

The Presence of the Future

As the ecological mesh that holds us, falls apart,
As the animals leave us,
As our hearts grow heavy with grief,
As the trance that has bound us to this world unravels, What then?

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